Keto Coaching - Accountability Coach
Nutritional Consultant
Food, Oils, and Fun: Nutritional Counseling:
Simple, easy keto, with a healthy dose of fun!”(™)

Specializing in:
Diabetes, kidneys, chronic disease, migraines, moods, thyroid, inflammation, joint pain, and more!

HEAL WITH FOOD: If you (or someone in your family) have high blood sugar, high blood pressure, headaches, digestive issues or IBS, leaky gut, acid reflux, mood swings, lack of energy, focus or behavior concerns, ADHD, depression/anxiety, nerve problems, joint pain or other inflammation, PCOS, endometriosis, thyroid disease, low testosterone or other hormonal imbalances, kidney pain, high triglycerides (cholesterol), Autoimmune Disease, or other health concerns.... a well-formulated ketogenic diet can improve or reverse symptoms and get to the root cause. Most clients will end up needing to have their Doctor reduce or eliminate their medications over time (great goal to start with!) See disclaimers below.

AS YOUR KETO COACH, I will work with you by looking at the overall big picture as well as the small details your physician may not have time for, to help you reach your health and wellness goals. 

1 month email accountability/coaching: $100
1 week email accountability/coaching: $30
Small group fb community: Free
Private chat on fb: Free after initial month
Phone (per call, USA only, by appt. M-F 9a-4p PST, 20 min.): $100
Use Contact Form on main page to inquire or email.

  • Due to the nature of our services, all fees are Non-refundable and payable in advance (after agreed-upon initial email inquiry) via paypal or Square invoice. Paypal's secure payment processors also offers a credit card option for your convenience. Payments may show up as Tricia-Castles-Keto.
  • Services must be paid in full before first official consult. 
  • All Appointment Cancellations must be completed at least 24 hours in advance. Failure to Cancel within 24 hours will still require full payment. 
  • All content, emails, images, handouts (pdf, etc.), assessments, messages, emails, etc., are COPYRIGHTED, and may NOT be shared in any way or form with anyone else.
  • It is illegal to copy, distribute, share, or claim as your own, any materials, information, or messages from this site and its authors. 
  • The keto coaching program I trained with has been approved by the AFAA and NASM (Athletics Fitness Association of America and National Academy of Sports Medicine)
  • Want to know a little of my story first? About Me
  • Please read Full Disclaimer/Privacy Policies


In addition to (or instead of) having me as your Keto Coach (personal Accountability Coach), would you like to be educated about keto through self-paced learning, taking online courses from long-time experts Craig and Maria Emmerich? Two options: Take the classes for your own learning experience (personal interest), or take the classes with a Certification program and become a keto coach as a new career, to help others:


An optional conversation we can have is about essential oils.
I have been using essential oils since about 2014, and love them so much that in 2018 I completed the ESSENTIAL OILS TRANSFORMATION educational COURSES from Dr. Axe. There is so much to learn about essential oils, and safety is key. Essential oils may be natural but they are POTENT and must be respected for their risks and benefits. Whether aromatherapy, topical, or diffusing, oils are wonderful for health and mood benefits.
More on oils here.

Copyright © Tricia S. | Castles N Crowns | Food Oils and Fun 

"A modern dietary lifestyle with an old-fashioned real-food approach to healing and weight management. It worked way back when, and it works again now. No lotions, potions, or crazy motions to go through! We want to help you HEAL, not just lose weight. We chase results, not ketones. It’s not just a quick fix diet, it’s a lifestyle for the whole family."™ ~Tricia S.

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