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I would be so honored to help you in your keto health journey.

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I look forward to being your support, guide and encourager.
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What is Keto?

What About Red Meat?

Do I Need to Worry About Cholesterol?

What About Hair Loss?
Any major change in diet will result in some hair shedding (for some people).
It will stop after a couple months and grow back nicely.
The biggest issues arise from not getting your daily protein needs.
Make sure to get enough protein.
Click the Supplement link and scroll down to HAIR LOSS to see recommendations:  

Do I need Supplements List (optional):
This is a general list, always being updated.
We can customize supplements to your needs, if you are interested):
Specific Supplement questions:
I’d be honored to help but in order to recommend anything I need to know more.
I can do that with a health assessment (see my Services).
There are too many interactions with medications, herbs, other supplements.
Here is a general list with my favorite choices:

My "Favorites" List: Foods, collagen, sweeteners, etc.:

Why No Grains/Starch? Watch this 8 minute video:
(About Sugar, Starch and Fat):


Where Can I learn More about Cholesterol?:
Cholesterol is not the enemy.  Inflammation is. Watch this video:
He shows how he manipulates his cholesterol based on how much fat he eats.

If you really want to know your hard disease risk, look at CAC score.
Calcium score is a cheap (usually $100) and easy test.
CAC measures the plaque buildup in your coronary arteries.
The score given correlates to heart disease (and overall death risk).
Total cholesterol is only a couple percent correlation in the statin companies own tests.
CAC score of 100 (vs. 0) correlates at 800% increase in death risk!!

But what about STATIN drugs?:

Then What Causes Heart Disease?
At the 22 minute mark especially about what causes heart disease:

What about High Blood Sugar While Keto?:
This can be from physiological insulin resistance.
That is where the muscles start using fat as the preferred fuel and reject glucose.
It can reject glucose to leave it for other parts of the body like the brain.
Your blood sugars should lower over time but your A1c should be great.

Which foods are most ESTROGENIC (to be avoided)? Phytoestrogens (they mimic they harmful type of estrogen)

Foods highest in phytoestrogens (micrograms per 100 grams):
Flaxseed (163,133)
Chia seeds (61,055)
Soybeans (45,724)
Soy nuts (21,306)
Tofu (8,688)
Soy milk (7,422)
Soy yogurt (6,576)
Tempeh (6,407)
That is why we avoid soy, flax and chia seeds.

What about pH Diet or body being acidic eating meat?
The body tightly controls the pH in a narrow window regardless of what you eat.
Your urine can change, but that doesn’t mean your blood does.

More on that here:

What about the Blood Type Diet?:
There is no science backing a blood type diet. More on that here:

  • NO skim milk...try unsweetened almond milk/unsweetened coconut milk. 
  • It is 90 calories and 12g sugar per cup for skim milk. 
  • Almond or coconut milk (unsweetened) have fewer calories and 0g sugar.
  • NO pistachios or cashews! Those are the only two nuts that are too high in starch/sugar.
  • I also had a client lose 15 pounds just by changing the condiments he used! 
  • Granted, he had quite a bit of weight to lose, but still! 
  • Read the back Nutrition and Ingredient labels (watch for any type of sugar!)
  • Baby Steps: Just start with real food and no sugar/starch or inflammatory oils!

(from Cardiologist Dr. William Davis):
This is a very informative video on why WHEAT is worse than SUGAR!

I need FOOD PREP ideas and Recipes:
One thing we recommend to do is food prep!
We do food prep on Sundays and while making any meal.

Idea: Make a Protein Noodle Lasagna and breadsticks.
Freeze a few lasagnas (Make 2 or 3 since you are doing it anyway!)

WHITE LASAGNA RECIPE: https://mariamindbodyhealth.com/protein-noodle-white-lasagna/
BREADSTICKS: https://mariamindbodyhealth.com/cheesy-breadsticks/

And since you have most of the ingredients out, make these for the morning!
(Store the batter in the fridge for easy pancakes):

Will EXERCISE help?
(we know the many benefits of exercise, but will it help with weight?)
Metabolism's 3rd component (most variable) is exercise.
We have Planned exercise and Unconscious movements.
That equals about 15 to 30% of metabolism.
(Of course this is depending on our job and how much we move each day).
With work and family, we're lucky to squeeze in 3 workouts/week.
So let’s do the math…

-  168 hours of each week, 3 hard hours of exercise = less than 2%.
-  When you run a Marathon, you burn 2,500 calories.
- It takes 3,500 calories to lose 1lb!
- Some people GAIN weight when they train for marathons!
You put your muscles in a ‘catabolic’ state!

SO I suggest you walk around grocery store and cook dinner = 350 calories.
This is WAY more interesting than treadmill for 30 minutes.
Do something fun, get outside in sunshine (Vit. D!), take a walk, play.

Time Magazine wrote an article: “Exercise Doesn’t Help With Weight Loss”…
... it claims that exercise increases Ghrelin Hormone (hunger hormone).
... it says we too often reward ourselves for working out ("I earned this treat")
... and remember, it takes 3,500 calories to lose 1 pound of fat!

So exercise for the other benefits, and if you enjoy it, and because it's good for you.
But you can't outrun a bad diet, so the fastest way to lose weight is in the kitchen! ;)

Does keto help with Alzheimer’s [AD], Autism, ADHD?
Keto helps with brain, nerve, mood, and behavior:

Alzheimer's Disease Is Type 3 Diabetes - Evidence Reviewed,
Drs. de la Monte & Wands MD:
Researchers are now explicitly claiming that T3DM is Type 3 diabetes mellitus.
T3Dm represents a major pathogenic mechanism of AD neurodegeneration.
In other words, they think Alzheimer's is caused by Type 3 diabetes.
They think the two diseases may in fact turn out to be one disease.
(Even though there are two distinct diagnoses at the moment).
A better analogy would be HIV and AIDS.
Which is often referred to as HIV/AIDS.
HIV causes AIDS, but you can be HIV positive and not have AIDS.
You can also show the symptoms of AIDS without being HIV positive, although this is rare.

What About Artificial Sweeteners?
There are artificial sweeteners and natural sweeteners.
Some cause weight gain and high blood sugar, and some do not.
Always avoid the artificial ones like sucralose, maltodextrin etc.
Avoid harmful ones like fructose, agave (raises insulin/fat storage).
Natural keto sugars like Stevia, Allulose, Erythritol and Swerve are good keto choices.
(And they are Not artificial, as some call them. They are natural plant sweeteners).
Keep sweeteners to occasional treats for best results.
Until your body is healed and at goal, you want to avoid natural sugars like honey.

Honey is made by bees collecting nectar from flowers with their tongues,
Bees store it in their body and regurgitate it into the hive.
Other bees add an enzyme from their body which helps turn it into honey.
Honey raises blood sugar and insulin and causes fat storage for many.

Now let’s look at erythritol:
Erythritol is made by fermenting glucose with Moniliella pollinis.
(That's a natural microorganism found in honeycomb).
This breaks down the glucose and yields erythritol.
Erythritol also naturally occurs in many fruits and vegetables:
(ex. melons, grapes, asparagus as well as fermented foods).

Which Blood Tests should I get done? (Optional but helpful):
-Get a full panel thyroid test with antibodies (including reverse t3). Not just TSH!
-Progesterone test (can cause anxiety, waking up too early in AM, and less caloric burn daily)
-Ferritin test (can cause anxiety, dark circles under eyes, and poor ability to oxidize fat)
-Vitamin d (can cause low moods, high BP, insulin resistance, as well as many other issues).
Always take Vit. K2 (mk7) with D3.
-Cortisol test (morning and night)
-Liver enzymes test (can cause poor moods and inability to lose weight)
-DHEA hormones (it is our youth hormone that determines weight loss)
-Iodine deficiency (can cause thyroid issues and is easy to fix)
-Excess Bromide (excess is a huge cause of thyroid issues)
-A1C (blood sugar average over 3 months)
-hsCrp (inflammation test)
-Cholesterol full panel
-CAC Calcium Artery score (better than cholesterol tests!)
(do NOT worry about Ldl on keto, as long as your Hdl is good and your Triglycerides are low)
I am happy to go over tests with you in regards to keto consulting.

How Long Do I take Supplements?
Only as long as you need them!
There are some that I will always take though (may be different from yours).
Our food supply no longer is grown in good soil.
You are no longer going to eat packaged foods that have just been “fortified”.
The veggies and real foods just can’t fuel your body the way you need.
Nearly everyone is magnesium and zinc deficient for example.
I suggest doing them for at least 4 months (which some bottles will last that long).
They are all therapeutic doses of nutrients our body screams for.
You be the judge of how long you need them. I don't judge you! :)
Be your own best health advocate. Only you can do the work to feel better.

Supplements I would always take (linked on Supplements page):
1. Probiotic (even kids should take)
2. Vitamin D3 (even kids); take with K2(mk7)
3. Vitamin K2 (even kids); take with D3
4. Magnesium (see different types on supplements page)
5. Emu oil OR Evening primrose oil (emu is preferred but primrose works too).
(Choose borage oil for men)
6. Collagen or Bone Broth

People complain that it costs a lot to eat this way, BUT if you do the math…
...it is way cheaper to make “healthified” foods at home and pack them with you!
AND, you are no longer spending money on all the processed foods, snacks!

Fast Food (in a pinch):
Just get a few bunless burgers (no sauce, which has too much sugar).

Good quality Pork Rinds (great dipped in guac/sourcream): 
(for that “chips” type crunch and salty snack!

-Salsa or Guacamole with celery or Pork Clouds (pork rinds)
-Trader Joe’s Jerky (or other gluten free jerky)
-Sardines (canned)
-Smoked salmon
-Summer Sausage
-Tuna (in packet), with Celery and Pickles and Pork Clouds
-Smoked oysters in can
-Hard boiled eggs
-Lettuce wrapped sandwiches of organic meats
-Deviled eggs
-Things at Deli:
deviled eggs
roasted chicken with guacamole
Applegate farms lunch meat
roast beef,
and other meats.
Safe Travels! or Happy Snacking!

How often should I weigh?
Don’t Worry About The Scale!
Normally I say don’t worry about the SCALE!
Keto is muscle-sparing and bone-building.
You may lose inches and clothing will fit better, but scale sometimes stays the same.
No worries! Use scale occasionally as needed, but do not obsess over it!!

How do I know if I should cut out dairy?
Dairy Testing:
NO DAIRY (best for weight loss -or- once you stall/plateau):
After 2 weeks of being 100 percent dairy free, step on the scale.
Then have dairy that day (butter or ghee would be advised to test with first).
Then weigh yourself the next day at the same time.
If the scale stalled (and you were losing until then) or your weight went up:
You are not digesting dairy well. I would cut it all out and try again in a month.
It doesn’t mean forever, just until your body and hormones heal, then you can reintroduce!

If the scale didn't go up, then test with cheese in two days.
If the scale didn't go up then, you are good with dairy. :)

I need more MOTIVATION please!?!:

You deserve this!!! Here are some key tips:

Plan plan plan is the key to success. Plan to succeed or you will plan to fail.

Always having easy real-food options for meals, ready to go!
This is also a great time-saver and therefore stress-reducer.

I often prepare dinner for the next night while I am making the current dinner anyway.
Ex. Fill the slow cooker for the next day.
Ex. Make extra meat that you are cooking and use for a different meal the next night.

Take out meat to THAW in the fridge!

Always have some ground beef in fridge ready to go for:
Taco Night, Bunless Burgers, Beanless Chili, Keto Sloppy Joes!

Remember how 5 minutes of an off-keto indulgence can cause days/weeks of misery.
I don't feel deprived at all. The food tastes so good on keto!
Real food is so much more nutrient-dense and satisfying!

Make today special! Treat yourself with honor!
It's not about what you can't have; think about what you CAN have!

You really do DESERVE this! And I am here to help you! Just ask! :)

Did someone or something trigger you?
Are you upset about anything or stressed out?

Keto is about changing our RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD.
It’s not about percentages or macros or deprivation. Keto is about eating foods that:
... heal our bodies
... lift our spirits (food = mood)
... reduce our pain and inflammation
... balance our hormones
... brighten our moods!
Try to ask yourself if giving in to a harmful food choice helps you reach your goals?
Ask yourself if you eat emotionally when triggered?

Journal or keep a food diary or notepad about this. Be honest with yourself.
This is just for you.
You need to remember how such a tiny moment in time can make you feel awful for days.
It is crazy how these short moments of tasty food can make us feel so bad.
We take it out on ourselves (or blame others) for days or weeks!
Eating Trigger foods is NOT worth it.

Even if you "get back into ketosis" after indulging in non-keto: REMEMBER:
- We do NOT chase ketones, we chase RESULTS.
- You want lipolysis (fat burning), not ketone numbers. 
- You may get back into ketosis after a day or two of eating on plan...
... however, it takes months of eating this way to get into lipolysis. 

- We want a healthy relationship with food, with others, with ourselves.
- We want to feel better, look better, be stronger, and feel younger.
- We want to heal our bodies and have mental focus.
- We use Food As Medicine.
- Food = Mood.
- Keto eating is one of the easiest ways to do this.
- Keto is easier than people make it out to be (just real food!)
- And it is SO WORTH IT!!
- And I am here to encourage you and give you guidance!

Remember sea salt and potassium are vital on keto!
We lose a lot of sodium, potassium and magnesium when we stop processed foods.
Sea Salt is a natural electrolyte and great for energy during carb/sugar withdrawals.
Avoid the detox, transition, carb-flu, keto-flu (withdrawals) with sea salt!
I recommend Redmonds or any quality sea salt. (I like this one: favorites).


Keto-Adapted Keto Subscription Courses from the experts. You get tons of brand-new videos, instruction, education, 60 days of interactive meal plans and even weekly live webinars (with VIP). Plus lifetime access (except with starter course).:

Keto-Adapted Become a Keto Coach:

For those who want weekly live support from the experts (Choose Platinum):
I think a Platinum subscription would be perfect for those who want weekly live support plus all the extras! You can make your own meal plans and grocery lists based on your needs, get personal macro targets from us based on your goals, and get tons of support including a weekly webinars with Craig and Maria (science and nutrition) and get all your questions answered in real time!  

Thanks again for your interest! I am here to help!
Let me know when you are ready to chat!
~Tricia S.
Certified Keto Coach
"Food, Oils and Fun"

Private Fb Group for learning/support: https://www.facebook.com/groups/foodoilsandfun/
Contact form on main page: https://foodoilsandfun.blogspot.com/

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