Thursday, January 10, 2019

Method Cleaners Not Safe {Branch Basics $10 Off}

© Tricia S. |

I used to think I was doing great by switching from my old dish soap, laundry soap and cleaners to Method's brand. Then I checked their rating on and was shocked to see they had a D rating for their toxicity and hormone disruption.

© Tricia S. |

After much research, I found Branch Basics, a non-toxic cleaner (used for dishes, laundry, cleaning, etc). Cost-effective, A RATED, smells clean and fresh, and simple (minimalist) to have just one bottle of concentrate instead of several harmful bottles in my cabinets. 

92 Percent of Sea Salt and Table Salt has Plastic {and which one is safe}

According to a new study, 92 percent of salt has plastic in it, due to the plastic in the sea.  After a lot of research, I switched to ...