Friday, December 21, 2018


LDL IS THE OTHER GOOD CHOLESTEROL ::: I have been saying this for years, but more and more doctors and scientists are starting to spread the word. Triglycerides on the other hand, are the ones to watch out for (so lower those refined carbs, processed foods and inflammatory fake oils!).

Saturated fat does NOT clog the arteries: Coronary heart disease is a chronic INFLAMMATORY condition, the risk of which can be effectively reduced from healthy lifestyle interventions {low carb real food eating is one!}


Wednesday, December 12, 2018


GOOD GRIEF!!: Many people on low-carb/keto say that their family, friends and coworkers are concerned for them because they have lost so much weight. The truth is that most of America is overweight, so seeing someone reach a more "normal" weight (for them) is not something we are used to seeing. We tend to think they look "too thin". We HAVE FORGOTTEN what normal weight looks like in America.
Do you ever watch OLD MOVIES from the 30's, 40's, 50's? I watch them all the time! Almost everyone was "thin" back then! That was NORMAL. This was Before processed foods, fast food, junk food and high sugar consumption.
DANGER?: Just as bad are well-meaning folks who think they know what keto is (trust me, they probably don't), who say it's "dangerous" because they believe the myths (written by people who have not been educated in keto and have no idea what they are talking about).
***Even when we REVERSE diabetes, clear up skin issues, balance hormones and moods, HEAL gut and brain, REDUCE pain and inflammation, IMPROVE energy and performance, BALANCE blood pressure and blood glucose without meds, SUPPORT our immune systems, and so on, all with Food As Medicine... people are still worried that we are "harming our bodies" on this eating-lifestyle.***
So again I say: Since when is cutting out processed, refined foods, eating whole foods, cutting out sugars and inflammatory industrial fats/oils, and eating natural fats, meat, eggs, fish, chicken, beef, tons of leafy greens, etc, dangerous? The modern world is upside-down and backwards I tell ya!
For some of us (like me), I have lost 1/2 the weight I want to lose, and then stalled. Stalls and plateaus are normal, especially if we have been metabolically damaged and insulin resistant for decades. So I do not get those types of comments about weight. I have HEALED 60 of 70 chronic ailments ("progress not perfection"), but if it doesn't show in huge weight loss on the body, it's easy for people to think the "diet isn't working"!
I do get other comments though: There are still concerns about CHOLESTEROL ----> Somehow the message has become twisted about cholesterol. It is Not a problem on a ketogenic diet. In fact, triglycerides (the worrisome part of cholesterol) goes WAY DOWN (after about a year), good HDL increases, and LDL is protective (so a higher number is Not a problem). Doctors who are not current on the science and evidence of this will still try to prescribe a statin (Danger Will Robinson! Avoid!). If you haven't had a heart attack, avoid the statins! {This is not medical advice, etc}.
What about all that fat in the diet?: The regular Standard American Diet has just as much fat, but it has the harmful inflammatory oils (TONS of canola or soy oil in almost everything!). Keto-type eating is not "more fat" (well, it is, but the 'more' part is the BODY FAT you get to draw some of your calories from!), it's just 'different' fat. Whole food natural fats instead of industrial man-made fats.

. . . I say this all the time: "I came for the weight loss, but STAYED for the Fountain of Youth" because I feel so GOOD now. I never want to feel the way I used to. I am so HAPPY now. So full of JOY. And my body has healed 60 out of 70 chronic ailments. (I'm still a work in progress).
. . . I love this WAY OF LIFE so much that I became a KETO COACH. I will have my Certification soon! {*FREE* health consulting for those who join my private health/wellness group: Food Oils and Fun. Just ASK!!} 

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