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Red Meat and Cancer (WHO report)

Does Red Meat Cause Cancer? (WHO report)

  • The WHO report seems is an "epidemiological" report, but epidemiology isn't science, it's "observational" and not clinical. Such reports ask people to remember what they ate and fill in the bubbles on a questionnaire. This WHO study also included mostly rat or mice studies.
  • After looking at over 800 studies, they set aside 744 of them, to look at again later because they were "inconclusive". Could they have discounted them because those studies didn't back up their bias? That was my first thought, because that's a lot of studies to ignore. Time will tell.
  • There were only a few actual experimental studies cited in the WHO report. Mostly on rats and mice. Mostly all done by same research group. It was mentioned in one study that they injected the rats with a carcinogen before the study, (to speed the process along?) Wouldn't that alone increase cancer risk?

This excellent review by Dr Georgia Ede about the WHO proclamation regarding red meat and colon cancer is a great place to start reading:
The following paper was written by Professor David Klurfeld and goes into some of the problems with the “red meat causes cancer". Interestingly, he was on the WHO panel that released the red meat and cancer statement. He voted against that recommendation and wanted to disclose the fact that a very large percentage of the committee members were vegan or vegetarian as a potential source of bias. That disclosure was overruled by the main administrator, who was also vegetarian. (per Dr. Shawn Baker, MD, orthopedic surgeon)

Here are just a few SOURCES, though there are many more: (Dr. Georgia Eade MD - WHO says meat causes cancer) (Dr. Ken Berry MD - WHO study says red meat causes cancer - what about the research?) (Dr. Ken Berry MD - Does Grilling Meat Cause Cancer?) (huge list of articles)

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