Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Keto Fried Rice {not cauliflower!}

Keto Fried Rice

This isn't your typical keto rice, so there is no cauliflower! For some people (like me), who cannot eat cauliflower (causes weight gain or gut issues), but still want a rice-like keto food, this keto fried rice with eggs is a great option (and it was delicious!)

The trick to the rice-like texture is to keep the eggs in small curds. The recipe (from the Keto Restaurant Favorites Cookbook) called for a more "umami" traditional fried rice flavor, but I was in the mood for taco-seasoning flavor, so I used a homemade "keto taco seasoning" recipe instead. 

I do not like to cook, and though I have been eating a well-formulate keto diet since 2013, I did not jump on the keto-substitutes for standard-carbs recipes. I like simple. And this keto rice substitute is SIMPLE! And so tasty! 

Victory Belt Publishing Copyright laws prevent me from legally sharing the recipe since it is from their book, but I have linked the book below if you want the recipe. The Taco Seasoning Recipe is free on Maria's blog below.

The cookbook with Keto Fried Rice recipe:

The Healthy Taco Seasoning recipe:

Other Keto Cookbooks with amazing recipes:


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